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CD Review

The Alex Levin Trio

Review by Pat Benny



The Alex Levin Trio



CD Review by Pat Benny


Since Man first learned how to create a rhythm by pounding on a log, clicking two rocks together, or simply clapping his hands, he has continued to search for new ways to express his thoughts and feelings through the magic of music.  Nothing works better than the jazz trio to accomplish this edification.


The Alex Levin Trio is a tribute to it predecessors, and a model of contemporary Jazz.  Alex Levin's graceful piano, journeyman Diallo House on the upright bass, mix with the stellar rhythm of Taylor Davis on the drums to produce the sort of jazz that would cause Monk, Carter and Blakey to stop and take notice.  Five tracks of this trio and the traffic gridlock you are stuck in will cease to be an irritation; your car will become a haven of smooth jazz.


The guest artists on this recording take full advantage of the foundation of Levin's trio.  Chad Coe and Stacy Dillard steal the show on the first track, blending, intertwining, and combining their tenor sax into a cohesive mixture of pure melodic precision.


William Martina's cello, on "Your Call" produces a melancholic beauty behind Levin's piano and rhythm section that is simply gorgeous.  Martina joins with Chad Coe on guitar to round out "Emma's Ennui" into soft bliss for the listener.


So, next time you are stuck in traffic, sick of your job or just need "A Reason for Being Alone," you'll appreciate having this disc for your very own, personal enjoyment. 




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