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CD Review

Bluestone Co.

Review by Pat Benny


Bluestone Co.



CD review by Pat Benny


To those of you who may think it unusual for a band from Japan to be proficient in the Southern Rock genre, remember this:  the so-called British Invasion of the Sixties was simply a horde of young musicians who were passionate about American Blues, Rhythm and Blues and old school Rock and Roll.


Just as Clapton, Jagger and Richards, Eric Burdon and a host of others brought their own version of American music to our shores, Bluestone Co., formerly Savoy Truffle, has certainly earned its position as one of the finest of today's Southern Rock bands.


With their newest, eponymous named CD, Bluestone Co. continues to provide insightful lyrics along with some tasty guitar licks, backed by a solid rhythm section.  Bluestone Co. consists of:


Toshihiro Sumitomo; Lead Guitar

Yoshihiro Ogasahara; Bass Guitar

Taizo Takafuji; Drums

Taro Takagi; Percussion


With their collaboration with blues rocker, Chris Duarte, Bluestone Co. has presented us with an outstanding play list of genuine Southern Rock.  The drums are tight, the bass is busy, and the guitars chase each other, trading rhythm chords for tube screaming leads with amazing dexterity.  The lyrics are rife with social portent; the tracks dont sing the blues, they tell it like it is.


This recording is outstanding in every aspect, but guitar fanatics will best appreciate the diversity and execution of every single riff.  Shades of everyone from Dickey Betts to Carlos Santana are well represented, with a rhythm section capable of supporting the stellar guitar solos.


"Bluestone Co." is thirty-eight minutes of sweet Southern Rock, bound to be enjoyed by music lovers everywhere.




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