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Jacky Terrason - Mirror
Blue Note
          With Mirror, young lion Jacky Terrason finally realizes his promise as one of the best piano players in the new breed of jazz players. On the national radar since his incredible self-titled debut in 1995, Terrason has continued his amazing musical growth since and has put out album after album full of future-perfect jazz piano. That this is his best album yet is
both no surprise at all considering his growth yet a tremendous happening since he is, at his young age, already at the cusp of building a legend that some say will surpass any other jazz pianist.
          First garnering attention when the won the Thelonius Monk Competition in 1993, Blue Note swiftly signed the prodigy and released his first album in 1995. Terrason is known for his incredibly light touch but is also able to expertly apply power to his playing at just the right times. Born in Berlin, Terrason started classical piano lessons at age five and was aided by his family's love of classical and jazz, which exposed Terrason to all of the great pianists like Bill Evans and Thelonius Monk. It is these influences raging through his playing today and why he is able to put just the right touch on a musical passage.
          This new Terrason album is a rare treat all around as this is one of the few recordings he has done which features just his solo piano work. Starting with an Ellington tune called "Caravan," Terrason gives a tour de force performance which includes tapping on the piano's surface itself during breaks in the rhythm and adding a different vamp all the while staying in focus of the theme of the melody. It is a marvelous thing, indeed. A few songs later and he does the same kind of switch up to the old standard "Just A Gigolo," adding a choppiness and playfullness Monk would most certainly be proud of, as Monk himself loved jazzing up the tune during performances.
          Fans of jazz piano will simply adore this CD. Terrason has been building as a jazz titan with every release and this album happens to be his best yet, which will astound those who have heard his other excellent CDs. If you are a jazz fan, you have to make this CD a part of your collection, especially if you have never heard any Terrason before. This CD is fantastic. - Scott Homewood



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