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CD Review

Jimmy Hall

Review by Pat Benny


JIMMY HALL: Build Your Own Fire


Jimmy Hall



CD Review by Pat Benny


Those who are familiar with Southern Rock music and the Muscle Shoals sound will not require much to convince them to look into this recording.   Those who remember the Seventies band, "Wet Willie," and its front man, Jimmy Hall, can also imagine the power and quality of this recording.  Those who have heard the music and know the story behind the legendary Muscle Shoals musician and composer, Eddie Hinton, will understand the magnitude of this gathering of talent to pay tribute to his memory.


Whether you are one of the above or just someone with a passion for good music, all will be amazed at the finished product.  "Build Your Own Fire" is a collaboration of some of the finest artists of American Music.  Jimmy Halls husky vocals and stellar harmonica are joined by Clayton Ivey on keyboards; David Hood on bass; Larry Byron on rhythm guitar and Jonathan Dees on drums.  Every one of these musicians has a list of credentials as long as your arm.  Together, they form the "Muscle Shoals Rhythm Collective."


Jimmy Hall's whiskey voice is the perfect sound for this recording, laden with depth and emotion; he gives credence to the amazing lyrics and melodic structure of the thirteen tracks.  He is joined on the first by Southern icon, Delbert McClinton.  Hall's vocals are also enhanced by Kira Small and Bruce Dees.


Lead guitarist for the Kentucky Headhunters' Greg Martin was later asked to contribute his talents for the lead guitars.  Martin also remixed several tracks, allowing Hall and producer Tallan Ware to combine different versions for the final stunning result.


This is just a synapse of the liner notes written by Beth Raebeck Hall.  Hopefully, this is enough to peek your interest in this magnificent CD.


The final track is a portion of an interview David Hood gave in 2005.  His heartbreaking recount of the rapid decline of Greg Hinton's health and talent is moving, to say the least.  Greg Hinton's body of work is a national treasure.  This CD is a fitting tribute by some of those who knew him, respected him and loved him most.




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