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Linus Of Hollywood - Triangle
Franklin Castle
            Though soft pop is just about non-existant these days (and don't tell me about Sufjan - I've heard that stuff and I don't feel like Sufjerring through any of that crap if I can help it) Linus of Hollywood has decided to show the world how pleasing and catchy soft pop can be if done right. On this, his third album, Linus seems to have perfected his style. Harking back to a time when the AM radio was king, Linus manages to distill what was great about bands like Seals and Crofts, Bread, Gilbert O' Sullivan, and Edison Lighthouse, and combining those textures with a more modern sound and approach to recording to create a new version of soft rock that actually does...uh, rock.
             A multi-instrumentalist, Linus plays most of the instruments here as well as handling the production chores for the album. While a lot of total one-man-band type projects usually end up with the artist disappearing up his own ass, Linus is the rare case where doing every thing himself actually adds to his music instead of stifling it. Having a singular vision of what he wants only helps in this case as he is probably one of the few who can pull off the intricate instrumental passages and, since he has always loved this kind of orchestrated pop, can put all his effort into making the songs sound great as he doesn't doubt what he is doing because it doesn't "rock" enough or something. Like a bluesman who plays intense blues because it's all he knows, Linus' soft-pop tunnel vision doesn't register a song as too wimpy or soft, just whether it sounds as great as it should or if it needs more work. Thanksfully, not much here can be improved upon as it is as wonderful collection of soft pop as I have ever heard.
             Fans of soft rock, like the acts mentioned above and similar bands like The Free Design, will love this CD as will fans of bands like The Nines and Jellyfish. It's not going to be something you throw on at a party but it may be something to play during one of those lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoons after the party is over and you're trying to recover. Breathtaking soundscapes guaranteed to cure whatever ails you just fill this record. A truly great disc. - Scott Homewood



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