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Locksley - Don't Make Me Wait
Feature Records
        One of my best see-the-CD-at-the-record-store-become-intrigued-by-the-cover-and-then-buy-it finds ever is the new album by the band Locksley. No doubt grabbing their name from Robin Hood lore, the band makes good on it's choice of moniker by somehow stealing hooks from out of the air before lesser bands can get them and using them for their own marvelous songs and giving those songs to us poor music-starved bastards. I say good show! This only proves what a truly honorable bunch of rapscallions these lads are to brighten our days like this!
        Rarely has a young band impressed me this much. The Strokes were the last band to do it and, to be honest, this album makes the Strokes' first CD sound like a tuneless mess. This CD is that good. Every song is a keeper, with the band managing to work in a ton of influences from Television to the British Beat groups of the '60's back to The Cure with a little pop/punk thrown in as well. After playing it like twenty times in a row I decided to give this album one of my "Tests of Greatness". After I am already enamored of an album and believe it to be great I then take it and pop it into my car stereo to listen as I drive. If the album has me singing along and rocking while I drive it's an all-time keeper deserving of a permanent spot in my collection and one I will brag to all of my buddies about. Let me tell you, this album had me grooving and rocking so much I almost forgot I was driving, though that bus full of nuns sure figured it out!
        Sorry gals!
        The one fault I can throw at this album is that the lyrics to these songs are pretty simple. I can envision that statement throwing people off and making them a little bit wary about buying this album but don't let it. Believe me, the simplicity of the lyrics is just a minor point as I feel no album is perfect. Now, I am about to do an heretical thing and talk about the Beatles and Locksley at the same time, but I am not comparing them....not really anyway. It's just, in this instance......well, you'll see what I mean. Just like the Beatles' first two albums, the lyrics are a little simplistic in spots. In both cases, it has mostly to do with where the band is in its' development. Locksley is a group of young guys just like the Beatles were when they started. The limitations of both bands' life experiences (or their current ability to recognize them and relate them) is what's at fault, not their talent or their potential. I am not shitting you when I say this album makes me fucking giddy. I can envision what this band can eventually become and it is phenomenal. It's been a while since I've discovered a new band that makes me so hope they don't break up. Every, and I mean every, song will make you feel energized and rocking. Green Day sound like geezers compared to these guys. I can't go gotta buy of the year end list.....damn, gotta go play it again!
        This CD will appeal to fans of modern rock, music fans who like tuneful punk like Green Day, Beatles fans and fans of '80's alternative rock as well. I mean, this band has it all going for them. I am really astonished at how good this album is and how good a sound the band was able to come up with on their own without any major label help or even a large indie's bankroll. This should appeal to everyone except music snobs with a stick up their ass. - Scott Homewood



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