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Robin Dean Salmon

CD – Gasoline



            Robin Dean Salmon is a singer/songwriter that plays alt-County music. If you don’t listen to the lyrics, it sounds like retro-Country, featuring fiddle, twangy guitar. and prominent pedal steel. There are a number of (mostly sad) songs about love, but with much more thoughtful words than you are likely to hear the radio. 

            An example are the opening lines of the title track, about a woman who has reached the end of her rope or “run out  “I’m tired and all the world’s a joke/Stopped laughing long before your time/Check out and leave it all behind/She said, my world is dark and mean.”

            Those sentiments tend to be the theme of the CD. “Broken Down Car” features these: “Your breakpads are worn out, your sparkplugs rusty”. The music is sometimes upbeat or often “crying in your beer”, but the lyrics are always reflective on these thirteen cuts, all written by Salmon.

            Salmon will appeal to both Country and folk fans that want to hear well-written, meaningful songs.

            Artist web site at


- Dave Howell