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CD Review

Samson Trinh

Review by Pat Benny


SAMSON TRINH: Very Strange Night


Samson Trinh



CD Review by Pat Benny


This recording is not merely a CD, it is an event; an event of gigantic proportions, given the amount of talent crammed onto the shiny side of the disc (which, by the way, resembles a miniature LP).  As Trinh explains in the liner notes, the tracks are compositions of his that, for one reason or another, were never recorded.


With this CD, "Very Strange Night," Samson Trinh has made up for lost time in a magnificent way.  Forty-eight musicians participated in bringing Trinh's compositions to fruition.  Forty eight musicians gathered from the Richmond, Virginia area to make Samson Trinh's debut CD a stunning reality.


The album begins with the sound of a needle dropping onto a vinyl LP and takes the listener on a musical journey that ranges from Twenties torch songs to Big Band Swing to Jazz Fusion, with a few more surprises in between.  The production value is outstanding, fully capturing each horn, each snap of the snare drum and each vocal resonance with remarkable perfection.


It's regrettable that Trinh didnt include more compositions for this recording.  How often does one have forty-eight musicians at their disposal?  It's a shame the CD is limited to just over thirty-five minutes.


It is immediately obvious to the listener that every one of these forty-eight artists poured their hearts into presenting the heart and soul of Samson Trinh.  This one goes into the reviewers personal collection.




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