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CD Review

Tad Robinson

Review by Pat Benny

A New Point of View


Tad Robinson



CD Review by Pat Benny


The title of this disc belies the method of the creation of this recording.  Not to condemn the use of computer programs, for they enable artists on a budget to produce their music with the use of synthetic horns, strings and drums, but the strength of "A New Point of View" is due in part to its authentic, old school sound.


It is a rare thing, nowadays, to read the liner notes of a CD and see that the cello was played by Alison Bazala, for example.  The horns and strings were arranged and conducted by Willie Henderson.  In fact there are far too many musicians to mention here, but I would be remiss if I failed to mention the core of the band:


Tad Robinson: vocals and harmonica; Alex Shultz: guitars; Kevin Anker: keyboards; Robb Stupka: drums; and Victor Williams doing the percussion.  


"A New Point of View" is a true collaboration of composers and musicians, but it is Tad Robinson's voice that is the anchor for this effort.  Robinson's voice is reminiscent of Marvin Gaye, Robert Cray, with a lot of Bobby Blue Bland thrown in for good measure.  His range is impressive, but it is the emotion, the heart and soul of Tad Robinson which allows him to keep pace with these professional musicians.  He plays a damn good harmonica, as well.


"A New Point of View," one of the best R&B, Blues, Soul efforts in a long time.  Please note that the term R&B used here represents its original genre: Rhythm and Blues.



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