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The Hellhounds

CD – Halfway Between Somewhere and Nowhere

The Hellhounds start out not like a dog but like a bat out of hell, and keep going at the same pace. They play so fast, you would think this was a punk band if not for Vince Flora’s harp.

After the first speedy track, ‘Downtown”, “On the Run” starts with the sound of a motorcycle, if you didn’t pick up the idea of speed from the music. Guitarist Johnny Beemiller and the rhythm section of Ron Rummage on bass and Steve Potts on drums sound like they are playing John Lee Hooker boogie as fast as is humanly possible.

            They do slow down a bit on “Smoke That Stuff”, where they say they “don’t smoke that stuff”. Probably not, it would mellow them out. “Everything” is actually a countryish ballad. But that is just a break, as slide guitar announces the hard driving vocals of “Gwendolyn Brown”.

            The CD ends with its tenth track, “Deltaville”, a Country rock story song. This one is also more slowly paced.

            If you like hotter than hell blues, The Hellhounds are a band in the right place for you.     

            Artist web site at


- Dave Howell


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