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CD Review

The Soul Deacons

Review by Pat Benny











The Soul Deacons



CD Review by Pat Benny


In an industry overburdened with non-melodic rap hoppers, inept alternative punkers, heavy eardrum breakers, drill team sexpots and country posers, its nice to know that someone remembers how to make fine music.


It is comforting to know that someone like Nick Thompson knows how much a baritone sax can contribute to a song, or that someone like Steve O'Neill hasn't forgotten the depth and beauty of the Hammond B3.


It is welcome news to know that there are still musicians like Jimmy Martinez and Steve Hill that can not only play stellar bass and guitar, but can lend their voices to help create sweet, precise harmonies; just as welcome to know that Trey Keepin knows what a tenor sax is for, and that Mark Esquibel knows what it means to be a great drummer.


It is pure jubilation to hear Brother E. Clayton not only sing with such conviction, but with the ability to front this band with the style, poise and class it deserves.


It is a relief to know that true Soul Music is alive and well in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To hear these classic tunes again, arranged and performed so brilliantly is truly, music to the ears.




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