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Press Release Animal Communicators Help Record Musical CD With Pink Dolphins From The Amazon

Animal Communicators Help Record Musical CD With Pink Dolphins From The Amazon

Los Angeles June 2006

Animal Communicators Help To Record Album With Pink Dolphins

Genre: World-New Age-Meditation
Label: Laurel Canyon Animal Company

We have a tendency to describe what we hear with what we see. A popular folk and dance idiom, born of slavery and the hope of better times, is called the blues. This is probably the best known and most obvious example of sound as color. Then there is the old saying: Music soothes the savage beast.There is a new musical work out, Music From the Pink Dolphins that takes the notion of music as color to new heights and stands the paradigm of soothing savage beasts on its head.

Take the calm yet riotous greens of the rainforest, mixed with the azures, grays and whites of the tropical skies, the soft tones of the pungent earth, sprinkled with the crystalline clarity of falling rain or wrapped in scented turbidity of the dark rivers and you begin to appreciate the immensely broad palette used to create Music From The Pink Dolphins.

Producer and hit songwriter Dana Walden teamed with his partner Skip Haynes in the Laurel Canyon Animal Company and their finned co-composers to introduce a whole new auditory vocabulary in their superb new work. That's right; finned co-composers, for with the help of animal communicators Penelope Smith and Eros Cristos, Haynes and Walden have enlisted the direct assistance of Amazonia's Pink Dolphins to create this vibrant and unparalleled musical effort. Through the animal communicators, pink dolphins instructed the composers and producer how to create each track on the CD. The results are nothing less than transformational in a scientific sense and illuminating in the way that is unique to the colors of sound.

The rhythms of the earth and falling rain meld with magical melodies delivered by the internationally acclaimed vocalists Donna Delory and Lisbeth Scott to form the structure/platform/base over which the harmonies of man and mammal soar.

Listen to the golden dawn of Morning Botos dappled with yellows, orange, pink of the rising sun, shot through the prism of morning dew or bask in the glory of rainbow hues dancing atop the forest canopy at shower's end on Woman Rain. Join the dolphins' playful dance on Dance of the Dolphin beneath the clear waters of their still lagoons as rays of light filtered green, blue and amber penetrate the depths.

Because we live in an age of science and technology, or maybe despite the fact that we do, or maybe just to check their own grasp of things, the producers enlisted the aid of the scientific community to give an accurate measure of this dolphin inspired music on randomly selected listeners.What they found both validated and astounded them. Each hearer experienced a change in brain wave activity, respiratory rate and skin temperature when listening.

Responses ranging from calm clarity to vibrant enthusiasm were measured in the test subjects as they listened to different compositions chosen form the CD. So perhaps it is the savage beast within each of our own souls that is soothed by these compositions sent as joyous messages and hopeful inspirations from our dolphin brethren. And perhaps you owe it to yourself to do a little of your own research. You're guaranteed a wonderfully colorful and transformational musical experience when you put on Music From The Pink Dolphins.

Chris Johnson
Los Angeles

Skip Haynes
Laurel Canyon Animal Company
8305 Yucca Trail. Los Angeles. CA 90046
Tel: 323-822-1764
Fax: 323-656-9224
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