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                                 The Broke Americans
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."So said William Shakespeare, but he could never have imagined that his words would someday describe the conflict regarding the name of a band that was/is formally known as The Assholes. Southern California is so full of bad bands with great names that the Broke Americans (or The Assholes, for those who aren't concerned with airplay) are a welcome change. It's a lucky thing for me, this name thing, because without it I would have been reduced to gushing shamelessly over this CD. This band is just so good; there isn't much room for criticism. From the clever material, the polished arrangements and variety of music, to the energy of a superb rhythm section, excellent vocals ripping into outrageous lyrics, this band is a party, a turbo-charged package of talent and attitude glued together by a heavy dose cynical anarchy. Their roots lie so deep; reviewers like myself can only guess at where their inspiration comes from. I swear, I can hear everything from Metalica to Frank Zappa to The chili peppers to The Dead to Lynyrd Skynyrd to ZZ Top to just about anyone or anything else you can imagine. These guys are never going to run out of material, that's for sure, and they have the talent to someday tell the record promoters to take a hike and go back to using their real name, the one to which they identify. And guess what? When that day comes, brothers and sisters, the record companies will lineup to have The Assholes on their label. The Assholes? Hell, as good as this band is, they can call themselves "Duck Butter" for all I care. I'm as proud to be a fan of this band as they are of being assholes. I have only one request of Trevor, Aaron, Tim, and Sean--I'd like tohear more of those backing vocals, Please!

Pat Benny

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