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Rudy T..."Second-Hand Blues"
The first thing you will notice regarding this CD is that this artist has strived to get his words, heart and soul mixed with his gutsy guitar licks to come out in all of his songs, you can really hear the love and feel of every note for his music coming from this dynamic guitar player...... Rudy T, at every performance has the world in the palm of his hands with his songwriting/performing talent, stamina and inner love, that you can hear and feel in every note when this Guitar Slinger steps onto the stage. His music will reach deep down into your heart and soul and keep you there until every note has been sung and played on that guitar. The 'Second Hand Blues' CD is filled with Love Songs. Even tho this CD has only seven (7) songs, those seven songs come with a heavy duty impact on the listeners ear, heart and soul. You can tell that Rudy T's music is coming from the heart and deep within his soul. My favorites and outtakes on these songs are: *** 'Second Hand Blues' - This bluesy tune has hit the #1 spot on MP3 several times in the ?? genre.. *** 'My Baby' - this one is a Rockabilly tune packed with a punch. This song has hit #1 several times also on MP3 in the Rockabilly genre. *** 'I know what I felt' - this one is felt from the heart - Love is in the air and Rudy T loves to sing about Love. *** 'Mountain Top' - A big favorite !!! This tune is a bluesy guitar drippin' with wet Hot licks. Close your eyes and let Rudy T pull you in with that wild gutsy to the core guitar of his and his sensual voice. This song has hit #1 several times in the Electric Blues genre on MP3. *** 'Giving Time' - Have a box of tissues handy. This tune is all about the little children that can't run and play like all the other children you see in the playground. Rudy T seems to have a very special spot in his heart for children. And you can hear it in this song, he belts it out straight from the heart. Rudy T has a lot to offer as an outstanding, dynamic, one of a kind lead guitar player, entertainer, and songwriter, therefore this artist is on his way to becoming "A Rising Star", so some A&R person/Record company better grab him quick.

'Muzik Reviewz - M. Rudy'

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