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Chigger Red  "Hammered"  Road Tooth Records

 Chigger Red...HammeredFast, hard, southern powerhouse boogie, with flaming electric guitars at the forefront. That and a whiskey drenched vocal by Michael Stansberry, makes Chigger Red a must hear if you respect rock and roll with a spicy southern groove. Michael stirs up a nostalgic brew with “It’s All Good” - sounds like Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter with a little ZZ Top thrown in on rhythm  guitar. 
 After that the pace slows, the lights dim and the airwaves are visited by the ghost of Ronnie Van Zant with third track, “High On You”. In fact, doesn’t that line actually exist in a Skynyrd song? Awesome leads on that song as well, done by vocalist
Michael Stansberry. By the fourth track you begin to realize that Michael and bassist, Chris Stansberry (Michael’s brother) might have spent many years jamming together. As history often confirms, some of the best musical teams derive from siblings. Tasteful twang and slide guitar, bluesy wha wha leads, vigorous bass chops and a solid hard hitting drummer (Chilean born Leo Cuevas) is what makes this band a winning act, which is now based in the San Fernando Valley, and originally from Georgia. Chigger Red has even been known to cover songs like “Let There Be Rock” (AC/DC) at live gigs!
 That may seem unlikely for a southern rock band, but if you heard the intensity proclaimed in the band’s own original music, you would easily be able to imagine such an attempt at metal by
Chigger Red. Throughout the 13 tracks on “Hammered”, the band’s 2nd release, there is lots of southern groove accompanied by a solid wall of pure “almost hard rock” guitar. “Dumb Enough,” and “Where’s My Money,” you can dance to, as long as you are somewhat fit, then things slow down a little once more with “In A Rut,” and the sleek “somewhat” mellow “You Make Me Feel (like drinking again) as it picks up from a slow blues and veers into a monstrous angstful vocal by M. Stansberry, and not without his trusty ax, picking, once again a mean hearty lead. Before the end, there is track 12 “Whiskey Soda Pop,” ... a straight upbeat authentic blues diddy complete with Chuck Berry style slides and bangs. Last song “Pissin in The Wind” is a low key..... well... get drunk and piss in the wind type song.

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