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  Carrie James Carrie James is an exceptional talented singer, and by all means her CD 'More Each Day' should be flying high on the Billboard Charts. Carrie's fantastic voice has a sweet sound coming from each and every note. Having a different type of voice her range levels are definitely diversified. I found that the instruments backing Carrie James are a bunch of outstanding and talented musicians, all instruments were strong, precise and in the groove. The lead guitar is excellent, in some of the songs I found the lead guitar so hot that you'd think it was actually singin' those notes. I truly enjoyed reviewing this CD, and as always found some favorites to share with you: *** 'Part Time Love' - I really liked the upbeat tempo of this song, it gets you on your feet. *** 'Brand New Day' - This one touched my heart and soul, it will tug at your heart strings too. *** 'The First Time' - Excellent sound....makes you want to kick back - close your eyes and fall into the music where you become one. *** 'More Each Day' - she sings from her heart and soul which reaches down into yours. I definitely will be waiting and watching for this young lady to hit the big time, and when she does the music industry will not have a clue what hit them. Excellent work Carrie!!!

       'Muzik Reviewz - M. Rudy'

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