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"Tone Head"

Don Mare
Brophy Dale, When he is not touring the world in ex-Stray Cat Lee Rocker’s band, Brophy Dale plays with his band they have a reputation for tight musicianship, A magnetic stage presence, and having a real good time. Brophy, who was born in Texas, raised in Africa, and then spent over a decade, Playing in and around the Motor City. During his career Brophy , has toured with respected artists like Scotty Moore, Smokey Wilson, King Ernest, and Hook Herrera, to name a few. Catch Brophy Dale and his band, Dave Gore on Fender P-Bass and, Dave Kida on Ludwig Drums at the Blues Café here in Long Beach, Ca. On Tuesdays 5:00-9:00pm.

Also get out and see, Brophy Dale with Lee Rocker in concert soon! And Check out the CD "Lee Rocker Live" and hear Brophy’s killer Tone for yourself. Ok here is the TONE HEAD GEAR LIST we have been waiting for, 

The Amps,
#1-Top hat Ambassador 2 X 12" 1-Weber / 1-Vintage 30 Class A 4 6L6
#2- 1965 Fender "black face" Super Reverb -all original-

The Guitars,
1967 all original Fender Telecaster
1983 (MIJ) 50’s Stratocaster reissue don’t let the "made in Japan" fool you, These early ones are super cool!
The main #1 Ax is a,-Custom built Mahogany chambered body Telecaster by, Chris Fleming (Fender) with tilt-neck & tilt-headstock and a real vintage Bixby tremolo push pull pot, for that Vintage Tele sound This guitar has a nice range off full big fat tones, and all the Tele tones too.

The Pick ups
((((WOW)))) they are a force to be reckoned with! TV Jones, FILTER'TRON TVJ’s Factory Rap>>>(The great, classic Filter'Tron sound. We all have, it in our heads, but until now, it has been difficult, To buy a pickup that puts that tone in your guitar. Now, with the TV Jones Filter'Tron, the vintage twang, And growl are once again yours.)

The Effects,
Centaur KLON pedal, Brophy says they provide a real creamy tone and nice drive, Crank the amp up about ¾ full and dial up, some creamy tone on this stomp box for a real satisfying effect. I Also recently noticed Debbie Davies was using one at The Blue Café Gig, Last month and when I asked her about it, this is what she had to say, I use it more for TONE then a boost, She had the "DUTY" (TS-9) for Boost. Dan Electro echo old metal box first ones, They weigh a couple pounds This Echo does the job well. TUBE Roto sphere / Hughes & kettnter This effect unit has been creating some real ear candy during the set. I have heard it on a few different settings and each time I was real, Impressed with the effects it produces Well I like to keep it short so feel free to E mail any question’s you may have.??? Will have another ‘Tone Head Weekly" ready in, Two weeks! Ha-hah I’m not really trying to be funny! This may be the truth? These things take about two weeks to gather & Piece together and then get the stamp & seal of approval. Keep up the TONE!
Hello, All my Friends & Bro's Sorry for the delay in mailing out this week's "Tone Head" Weekly We had to work around some things this week to make it all happen, thank's for all the overwhelming interest and to everyone who joined the list.

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