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TEXAS, Crockett - - November 18, 2002 - - For several years now, musicians and recording artists have followed Kenny Love's music industry journalism that has consisted of; industry commentary, instructional pieces, artist interviews and music reviews.  Additionally, Love's columns are syndicated worldwide in both online and print music publications. Now, Love is offering, perhaps, what is the first ever online music business class environment in real-time aptly titled, "Kenny Love's Music Business Class-101."  As opposed to waiting on particular concerns to be addressed in his articles, or in his weekly Q&A column, artists can now simply sign up for his weekly class and experience a 2-hour time block to obtain answers that they require immediately for their careers. "Truthfully," says Love, "I have considered teaching online for a couple of years now," he states.  "I have had the opportunity to do so for offline colleges in the past, and to relay information to others is an incredibly wonderful experience.  But, the online opportunity allows me to be accessible to far more people simultaneously and on a worldwide level.  Now, that is truly exhilarating," he adds. Kenny will conduct the pioneering online class each Monday evening, from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time), on the Yahoo! Groups site.  To join, students first pay a $10 class fee, just as they would if they were signing up for a traditional offline community college course or continuing education class.  The deadline for each Monday class is the preceding Wednesday evening at 11:59 p.m.
But, why not simply create another one of any million of online discussion lists in order to distribute his information?
"I have been on many discussion lists and, almost always, at least once on each list, there has been a situation to arise that turns people off...usually, in the form of arguments that get started between two people over their egotistical viewpoints, but end up involving much of the list," Love comments. "The difference in my class setting environment is that, not only is it in real time, whereby, we all can respond to each other simultaneously, as opposed to waiting for hours or days on a response to a post, but people are not attending to argue their egos, nor go off-topic, but are otherwise there to seriously learn in the same manner as they would be if they were attending an offline class.
They also receive a curriculum covering the subject area for that particular class.  And, if students have questions regarding other areas of the Music business, or wish to see other industry subjects addressed in future classes, they can simply send those suggestions to me," Love adds. This particular online class idea is an excellent opportunity for veteran artists to brush up on and hone their skills for operating in today's ever restructuring industry.  But, it is, particularly, a wonderful opportunity for young or inexperienced musicians and recording artists to get an inexpensive classroom education for a mere fraction of what they would expect to pay offline. To receive more information on getting started with the class, of which the first session is scheduled to begin Monday, November 25 (2002), send an email request to in order to receive complete
detailed instructions.

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