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"The Music Business"

 Steve Wrench
Lou-Do Music
18 Years Management for Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lou-Do Music
Is Southern Rock Dead?

  Southern Rock, a genre, an era ,and a style is still alive and well today and influences many styles of American music today. Southern Rock, that down home, unique sound of guitar leads in bluegrass harmony was defined by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, the Allman Bros. Band, Blackfoot, Marshall Tucker and on and on. That distintive sound can still be heard today in all forms of rock, country,and alternative music. It may only be a guitar rift here and there or a beat but, make no mistake Southern Rock has left its mark forever on the American music scene. Southern Rock is and attitude. I have been in thousands of clubs across the country, I don't care if its a rock club, a country bar, and alternative club or whatever, it never fails, before the night is over somebody always yells "play some Skynyrd!" 
  Then you start to hear "Sweet Home Alabama", then they start to tap their feet, then they wanna get up and dance and all the while they're dancing you can hear 'em sing and shout "Sweet Home Alabama" like they lived there and missed the place, and there from New York! If your a band and looking for a record deal and call yourself Southern Rock, you just committed sucicide. But, play the same thing and call yourself alternative country or renegade country or rockabilly... your in. You hear it everyday on country radio or on modern rock stations.Southern Rock has left its mark and will influence music in America forever.

by Stephen Wrench, President, Lou-Do Music

Next issue: So you want a record deal? The dos and don'ts!

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