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Contact: Kenny Love


Kenny Love Enterprises has recently re-entered the Music industry in a limited capacity. In addition to still providing record promotion and press publicity services, KLE now focuses more on providing a number of inexpensive professional writing services for independent and unsigned recording artists.

Kenny Love, company president, says, "Actually, I was never really gone...just on a hiatus as a result of having become overloaded with a heavy artist roster, many of whom were not serious enough, or were unrealistic about the execution of their careers and what was required. As I greatly enjoy working within the industry and representing artists, fortunately, the industry has performed a 180-degree turnaround. In response, I am seeing far more artists these days who are not only willing, but committed to taking their careers to the next level," he states. In addition to providing inexpensive record promotion and press publicity services, Love also provides music business consultation (only $50 per month), professional cover letters and news releases, along with creating original video concepts and scripts, and more. "Most independent and unsigned artists are still missing out on one of the best avenues for promoting their," Love adds. "I'm not speaking of videos that cost thousands of dollars, but ones produced locally by colleges for airing on the many cable access stations and their respective music video shows across the world. And, as these shows are, literally, begging for independent product, I would really like to help artists enter into and take advantage of this area that is still new to them," he concludes.

To receive complete information on Kenny Love Enterprises and its services, simply forward an email request to

About Kenny Love:
Kenny Love has an extensive career in the Music industry that spans a period of over 25 years. He has served in a number of capacities which include; college "Music Education" major, national recording artist, music journalist, record promoter, publicist, booking agent and radio music program producer and host. His Music career instruction articles, commentary, artist interviews and music reviews are syndicated worldwide, of which a number of them can be reviewed on the Music Dish site at

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