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What we have here is pretty much old-school hard rock from the 80’s club era, though the band is very much alive in the "now", according to press clips from sources such as L.A.'s Rock City News, Ingenous Rock, KLOS 95.5 FM, and others. The essential sound of Slippery Lip is not too far off the beaten path pioneered by the likes of Motley Crue or Poison. It's evident right from the beginning, on this 3 song EP... first track, "Chain Reaction" echos the past in the reincarnation of vocalist Vince Neil, executed and channeled by a female singer named Stacy Lip. On the other side of the vocal coin, however, Stacy Lip also has much in common with the likes of Beth Hart. Mostly because of the bluesy, nasal deliverance, especially on last track "Breathe". 
  Excellent musicianship and high octane rhythms throughout this CD is true evidence of what all the press is saying about their live performances... "The sound is dynamic, whole and strong. Stacy Lip puts her strong, sexy and versatile voice over blood pumping beats" reports Celebrity News Magazine at a past pre-release party at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood. Lead vocalist Lip definitely has loads of energy and a real passion for the music throughout "Rock Hard". Track 2, "
Bad" sustains the energy with a hardline beat and full throttle axmanship by guitarist, Lacy Action. J.C. Nelson is also well equipt to hold the foundation down with steady powerful percussion and added cymbal magic and charm. 
  Speaking of charm, that seems to be the main ingredient most talked about in the press. Especially the stage presence of Stacy Lip. Track 3's "
Breathe" is my favorite song on this disc. The collective accomplishments of a throbbing bass from Larry Anderson, a mesmerizing guitar by Lacy, Nelson's hard drum assault, and a stellar vocal performance by Lip. Rock and roll may change it's face through the course of time, but some..., frequently in the L.A. club scene, hold on to it's 80's roots with pride, at this moment, it's being played out by Slippery Lip.

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