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                                                                      The Soul Deacons..."Uptown"

Soul Deacons
It's happening in Berlin. It's happening in Dublin. It's going on in West Covina and Gary, Indiana. All over the world, young musicians, though maybe lacking the skill that will soon develop in time, are relying on their passion and ambition to come up with a sound-a sound that they feel will change the music industry forever. None of this has anything to do with the SOUL DEACONS, and their new release entitled, Uptown. This is Old School, folks, and it doesn't come any better than this. This is a wonderful blend of Jazz, Swing, Blues and Fifties rock that is bound to please the ears of anyone that listens to it, regardless of the listeners' personal tastes. If I must compare them with another band that is currently enjoying positive exposure, that band would have to be BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY. I've been a fan of Voodoo Daddy for some time, but I believe that this recording by the Soul Deacons is superior. It has a smoother, mature and less frenetic quality that is instantly appreciated. Coming to us via the unlikely location of Rio En Medio, New Mexico, the band consists of Brother E. Clayton on lead vocals, blues harp and rhythm guitar, with Fred Spencer on lead guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals, Graham Binette on drums and vocals. Trey Keepin, playing sax and Steve O'Neill on keyboards complete the lineup. These guys have all been at their craft for a long time, and the result is this happy, soulful, foot-tapping, belly grinding collection of vintage tunes that is a pleasure to experience. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite track on this album. The band moves easily from the jazz funk of HOUSE PARY II, to the Fifties ballad IF I THOUGHT YOU NEEDED ME, to the Duke Robillard swing of STICKIN' WITH YOU with an ease that is astonishing. THAT MELLOW SAXOPHONE is an incredible combination of Mambo, Salsa and pure Fifties Rock and Roll. The Deacons are as diverse as they are talented. I have a wedding to attend in the near future. You can be sure that I'll be bringing this CD along with me. I'm going to ply the DJ with Wild Turkey, lock him in the bathroom or whatever it takes to dispense with La Bamba, Tequila, and Take the A Train. There is no doubt that once this CD is spinning, so will the grandchildren. Uncle Bud will be showing off his Swing steps with his beautiful niece and grandma and grandpa will even show us how the Jitterbug was done in their day. This is an album that folks of all ages can enjoy, and I certainly hope you do.

Pat Benny for
South Bound Beat Magazine

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