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This southern rock, monster blues trio consisting of Brad Wilson (guitar,vocals), J.J. Garcia (drums), and Brian James (bass) are from the southern California area and have a track record of awards as big as the state! At first listen to “Here Before” I was immediately convinced and greatly relieved by the fact that this was not a mediocre, run-of-the-mill southern blues submission in any sense of the expression. From beginning to end - and then again - “Here Before” made it hard to press the stop button.
Within the music of Stone, you can hear the echoes of everyone from Clapton, Poco, Skynyrd to the Allman Brothers Band. And you may even feel that they are cut from the same cloth of (real southern rock blues!), I know I do.
  During the 3rd track, “
Cool Running” (a Poco/Firefall style blues, which had some of the best pickin’ I’ve heard in some time), I knew that it was time to really listen. My first thought was  If “Cool Running” isn’t a cover, then maybe it should be!” Throughout the rest of this disc I heard plenty of full bass tones that were smooth as silk by (Brian James), firey guitar and vocals by (Brad Williams), and tight, precise drum beats executed by (JJ Garcia). 
4th track “
Home” is a good southern-rock ballad... what can you say, “Something Goin’ On” , 5th track, is a upbeat boogie with more guitar magic and soul-driving vocals by Williams; 7th track, “I’m Still Breathin’” with the line ‘Cigarettes and coffee, trail of evidence leading to a broken heart...’ is again, filled with an awesome lead, rock-steady drummin’ and a blues vocal worthy of great merits...” All the other original songs on “Here Before” (“Across the Mojave”, the mesmerizing “Never Again” and especially “If I Should Fall”, which is definitely billboard material, have the seal of authenticity in every category. The songwriting abilities of Stone seem endless - “The Ballad Of John Lee” is a fast standard blues riff blessed with the wizardry of Brad, and the last original tune, “Transition” is the last revelation of the heart and soul of the great Stone “
Here Before is 11 originals and 4 covers including: (
Baby, What You Want Me To Do”, “I Just Want To Make Love To You”, and “Further On Up The Road”) that rocks in the southern hemisphere of heaven... “Somebody put these guys on the level they deserve.” All I can say is “I will see this band again somewhere” - probably at the forefront of Southern California’s 2nd coming of great Southern Rock (remember the Eagles?).

Some Interesting History about the band’s name:
Brad Wilson named the band after Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), who was going to name his side project “Shame”, but couldn’t because Brad’s former band was named Shame and Brad had the rights to it. Stone Gossard named his side project “Brad” instead - and so Brad named his band Stone to return the favor! Now there’s a “name story” you can be proud of!

Other Accomplishments:
Recent accomplishments include
Stone’s contribution to the soundtrack of John Carpenter’s Vampires with their song “Teaser”, which was the only track with vocals on the soundtrack - (the Vampire soundtrack in it’s entirety, won The Saturn Award presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films). Stone also won “Best Blues Rock Band” in Los Angeles at the Rock City News Awards, “Outstanding Rock Artist” at last fall’s LA Music Awards, and countless other awards including JJ Garcias “Best Drummer of the Year Award” .

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