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CD Reviews  Alastair Greene  A Little Wiser

Alastair GreeneThis CD is one hotty, Alastair Greene doesn't hold back on this baby. With his different styles of playing Greene can definitely get your attention and make those guitars shoot bullets. The notes he hits is so clear and crisp, so much so you can almost taste them.

You can visit his website and check out his bio, very very impressive.
Alastair Greene has many artist influences. But this writers outtake of Alastair's music is that he is a Hard Bluesman, Hard Rock, Bluesy Blues with Jimi Hendrixx, SRV tones with the Excellent intense guitar work of Alastair's own style leaving every lick dripping wet.

The CD song title '
A Little Wiser', has a soft start and then kicks into Hard drivin' overdrive. The song 'Chico' is what I call a sweet sounding tune, its a acoustic instrumental.....while hearing it, I thought of another sweet sounding song, 'Lenny' by SRV......good work Alastair, excellent in all departments.

There are not many cd's where you will like every single song, that is not the case with Alastair Greene's 'A Little Wiser'. Here are just a few that got my attention:

Ramblin Mind - Hard blues beat, excellent intro to cd.
Off the Edge - Hard Rock sound with grrrreat guitar work.
The Long Way Home - Hot tune with minutes after minutes of Hot intense guitar work.
Love too Strong - SRV sounds. Sweet sound playin'.
3 Bullets - the guitar, harp and keys will grab your heart and soul.

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Muzik Reviewz 12/2002
M. Rudy

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