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CD Reviews  Eve Selis  Do You Know Me
Skydog: "Ever hear a CD that just plain defies description? Sherri & I got this one several weeks ago and ever since, I've been trying to put into words what I think Eve Selisof it. But it just won't come out....and I think I've figured out why...the songs touch areas that us ol' bad-ass Southern Rockers keep hidden deep inside. The music itself is excellent....a combination of the traditional country instruments like banjo and fiddle with slide guitars that would make Duane Allman proud. But it's the quality of the songs that shines through. They touch on everyday people dealing with everyday life. OK, but isn't that what "country" music is supposed to do ? Maybe....but Eve Selis is the perfect counterpoint to the "Shania-Hill-Chick" thing that’s all over the genre these days. She has the true-grit sound of Bonnie Bramlett or Bonnie Rait...are you sure she didn’t change her name ? Guys...don't try to analize it....just listen."

Sherri: This CD is life from a woman’s point of view, no doubt, but it’s also way more than that ! Without doing a song by song review, let me tell you about a couple of beauties. The first is “Tear This Old House Down”...a relationship gone bad and the singer’s realization that it’s time to rise from the ashes. This one’s my choice for radio play...I can just visualize the video, too ! “Do You Know Me” is another favorite...the story of the forgotten people of our society and their “behind the scenes” lives. Bittersweet and sung with true, heartfelt emotion. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the almost brutal honesty of life so strongly.
Eve Selis is a treasure. That’s the truth !

Till next time....Skydog & Sherri signin’ off.

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