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CD Reviews  Jester Jonze Strong Medicine

So you want some Southern Rock.......Well then the 'Jester Jonze Band' is just what you have been waiting for...Jester JonzeThis group comes from Roanoke, VA. and you can catch them on the club circuit doing what they do best, KICKIN' those southern rockish tunes out . Their 'Strong Medicine CD' is definitely a real kicker, and the first song grabs hold of you and keeps your attention, Ed Jones (guitar/vocals) could give Axel Rose a run for his money, theres times when you hear the Axel come out and then there are times when Ed just takes over kicks Axel to the side. And the lead guitar is totally awesome, every lick is dripping wet and beware the lead will give you shivers to the bone. The rhythm section is so powerful, Tim Aker is totally out of this world when it comes to drums. Chuck Crush can sure lay down some mean ones with that bass, between Tim Ayers drummin' and Chuck Crush on the bass, no wonder this cd has heartfelt beats coming from the soul.

  This reviewer is honored to be the one to review the
Jester Jonze 'Strong Medicine CD', This CD is the latest project of the Jester Jonze Band, not even done with the pressing and I have the privilege of reviewing a group of hot musicians with superior songwriting talents. This CD is definitely a billboard topper.
  If you havent heard the
Jester Jonze Band then you need to visit their MP3 site, and check out these new songs and their other tunes too. Strong Medicine is a keeper and a #1 hit anywhere it hits.
Heres some of my favorites: the whole CD rocks..........
Let Down High - a real southern rock kicker with a punch. Hard drivin' lead guitar action and a rhythm beat that wont stop. Warning to Axel Rose & his lead guitar player Slash: beware Ed Jones is in the house and hot on your heels. So Move over.......
Dancing with the Medicine Man - hot gutsy tune, guitars/drums/vocals
just going where they're suppose to go.
The Arms of Rock & Roll - the drummer is all over this one. Hot stiks - Hot guitars
Warm Summer Night - this one is sooooooooooo good!!!!
Perry's Song - these vocals are so close to Axel Rose, I can see Axel sweatin' bullets over Ed Jones.
The Jester Jonze Band deserves the best, they have strived to put out good southern rock tunes for their listeners and they have succeeded, very well at that. Now its our turn to show them our appreciation, visit them and listen to their music.

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  Muzik Reviewz 12/2002
  M. Rudy
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