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Music News  Kenny Love  


  TEXAS - - December 16, 2002 - - is being
unleashed on the Music industry today, presenting as a new service intensive organization created specially for independent musicians.
Kenny Love, as president, says, "Our goal is to provide as many corporate-quality services as possible, but at underground rates.  There are some incredible assets that many, if not most recording artists are completely unaware of, but which are crucial to their success.  And, it is our intention to take complete advantage of what appears to be the ultimate demise of the corporate Music industry as we have known it," says Love.
  Just a few of the firm's services include; record promotion, media publicity, CD cover concept creation, gig promotion and publicity, video scripting, music business classes and more.

  "It's high time out for tiptoeing through the tulips with flower children mentalities," says Love.  "Instead, with ongoing uncertainty of many aspects of the Music industry, artists need to be armed with an arsenal of music business and educational weaponry.  And, it's time to 'lock and load'!" is also expanding its record promotion and publicity network shortly after the first of the New Year, and will be seeking college Music Marketing majors, and related music business majors for its implementation.
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Kenny Love

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