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TEXAS - - December 12, 2002 - - If you are an independent recording label or artist who has long dreamed, and continues to dream of obtaining worldwide retail store distribution for your CD releases, the following might just be the best Christmas gift you have ever received.
Kenny Love Enterprises, a record promotion and publicity firm, has recently aligned itself with one of the largest and longest existing music retail distributors in the world.  The distributor is looking to significantly expand its catalog of independent recording artists for 2003, and is avidly seeking professionally produced independent recording artists.
  "I've known about this company since the late '70's," says
Kenny Love, president of Kenny Love Enterprises, "and it is the fulfillment of one of my dreams for me to now be associated with them.  My company's primary duty for this distributor, of which I am not going to give away its name as of yet, is serving as its 'gatekeeper', if you will, in the sense of acquiring highly competitive product that we feel will have great potential in its respective market, in terms of notoriety and sales.  And, we are seeking all commercially viable genres of product for consideration," Love adds.
  Such genres include; Urban, RnB, Neo Soul, Nu Soul, Jazz, Rock, Dance, Pop, Country, Blues and more.  Additionally, it is extremely important that independent artists and labels' recording projects contain, at least, one composition that easily and readily lends itself to a dance-able tempo, and that can easily become night club dance floor crowd pleasers.  Additionally, labels or artists should be willing to invest in vinyl records for deejays to spin in their respective clubs.
  If, as an independent recording company or artist, you are in a position to meet these requirements, get more information by sending an email request to:

Kenny Love

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