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CD Reviews  Nocturn Nocturn

First off, Nocturn is not JUST ANOTHER SOUTHERN ROCK BAND, and I wasn't quite able to figure out what it was that made them so different, I could only say that Nocturn kicks the heck out of southern rock music.

This is one HOT SOUNDING group of musicians and quite truthfully, their spectacular bad to the bone expertise on the instruments will totally knock you right out of your chair. Right off I noticed the hot dripping wet lead guitar licks of Kay-Hendryk Speer coming out in every song, lets not forget that the rhythm section hooks up very nicely with the artistic moves of Lutz Melzer (bass), Johann Kloevekorn (drums) and Arne Bihn (Keyboards) this trio puts out a spectacular sound that is sharp, clear and crisp. Alfie Mizrahi carries a uniqueness in scratchy/sensual vocals and will surely lure you in as he did me........excellent work guys.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to pick favorite songs, so I will just have to pick the ones that caught my heart and soul more than others:

Lady's Blues
Gettin' Restless Again

My last word will be that you will hear a excellent action from all musicians. Check out the keys, bass and drum action, ....and then when you least expect it the lead guitar jumps in and kicks it all in, fantastic lead guitar action and then there is the lead vocals, how much better can this be.

To hear and purchase Nocturn's CD's go to:
www.nocturnband. com *

Nocturns Official Website:

Other sites to purchase Nocturn's CD's:
Nocturn is now available on in their Online Shop.....

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