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CD Reviews  Ray Legrand 2002

From the beginning of this cd you will find it is packed with superb songwriting/instrument expertise and messages from the heart.

 2002 has outstanding songwriting,
Ray LeGrand's vocals is superb with the strong range of levels he possesses, this is a voice to die for. The leadRay Legrand guitar action of Justin LeGrand will catch your attention with his hard drivin' sounds and obviously becoming the Master of sustaining power..........

 Do yourself a huge favor and visit
Ray LeGrand's website to hear his music, that will definitely lift your spirits and his music will touch your heart and soul. And while you are there, send him email on what you think of his music....Believe me Ray will win you over with his talents of songwriting/vocals/instruments........

 I recommend
Ray LeGrand's 2002 to any and all listeners. It will fill your hearts and souls. Its obvious that Ray LeGrand has been blessed in his music career.

It's Rising Up
Live For You
Up Ahead

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Muzik Reviewz 12/2002
M. Rudy

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