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CD Reviews  Robin Barrett Blue Movie

 Being that 'Blue Movie' CD is the newest recording from Robin Barrett, it is no wonder that every song on this cd is of the ultimate best that you will ever hear. After the death of SRV and all the artists that has tried to step up to the plate toRobin Barrett...Blue Movie fill the void of no more SRV music, all good musicians in their own ways. Not many got past 2nd base, Robin Barrett hits a Grand Slam Homerun everytime he plays a note.

 Being a SRV fan myself,
Robin Barrett kicks himself into blues overdrive on this CD, every note was wet and drippin' and Robin shows his guitar slingin' expertise in every lick he plays. The slide in certain song parts were awesome and out of this world. And after listening to 'Blue Movie', you will be amazed with this songwriter/musician/performer as I am. It just can't get much better than this...........Thanks for sharing Robin.....

 And his raspy scratchy voice gives his vocals that sensual sound, and never tires or weakens. It was really difficult choosing what songs I truly liked more than others, so this is what I came up with. Robin Barrett's voice changes on the song 'To Show Your Love',,,beautiful song.

Dark Dark Night
She's Hot!
Shake It!
To Show Your Love
Trains on Time

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