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CD Reviews  South Of Heaven Band Outlaws 2002

(Bassett Sound & SkyDog Music)

  I was first made aware of this band by a Brother Joe "SkyDog" Clem, of Skydog Music. I want to thank him first for turning me on to the band for his mailing of the band's promo pack. Secondly, thank you Brother Joe for helping keep this kind of music alive! It is alive and well in the hands of The South Of Heaven Band!
 South Of Heaven Band Now let's talk about the band and the CD itself. The CD is entitled
OUTLAWS 2002. The band is made up of front man, lead singer, and rhythm guitarist, Mike Delawder, Lead guitarist, Shawn Sexton, Bass, Keith Garvin, and on drums and percussion, Chris Daniels. Calling themselves "The Bad Boys of Eastern Kentucky" this band is a steady Southern Rock machine! That's my description. Their's is a band that plays "diesel fueled/whiskey soaked" Blues, Country, and Southern Rock. Hell I'll buy that! One thing in common between my description and theirs is the Southern Rock part. To me, that is exactly the blend of Country, Blues, and Rock that they mention. So we really are talking the
same language here I think. Whatever label you put on it, its Kick Ass music!
  This band features a vocalist with a chameleon like voice. On one tune I hear Haggard, then Hank Jr., Steve Earl, some Skynyrd, and Marshall Tucker too! How can you go wrong! All the while Delawder makes the songs his in a distinctive way, but should just let it rip in my opinion. Guitarist, Shawn Sexton, is a very talented player, (some SRV influence
in there), who has a good feel for slide and has an aggressive pick attack that can be backed off in an instant to make it weep and sing. The rhythm section of Shawn Sexton on bass, and Keith Garvin on drums, give this band the backbone it deserves and needs. They do so with skill and a forceful driving power.
  The CD itself has 9 songs, 5 of which are originals, 3 of which were written by their friend and mentor, James Michael Murphy. The record is dedicated to him as well. One other song was written by Pat Haney.
Track 1: "Ain't Enough Whiskey", is a mid tempo number about drinkin,
lost love, and other things most of us can relate to. Great opener with
some good wah-wah guitar work! I think this would tear down the house
Track 2:" (Roll On) Colorado", is a bit slower, but again a theme of
love lost and rambling, some great harmonies and guitar work again, Toy
Caldwell feel. Good tune.
Track 3: "Ol' Leanna", Reminds me of a Skynyrd song as it cranks up,
some foot stompin good time music!
Track 4:" Broken Man" Let's slow it down a bit.a ballad that probably
fills the dance floor with Brothers and Sisters feelin the love. Again,
this song showcases some very impressive guitar work.
Track 5: "Won't Be Over No Coal:" Defiantly slanted more towards a rebel
country feel, reminds me of a Steve Earl tune. Great anthem song! Pick
it Shawn!
Track 6: "Appalachian Lady", Marshall Tucker Band is a definite
influence here, GREAT song! Nuff said.
Track 7: "Unknown Answer", A Country ballad with sadness overflowin!
Questions asked by us all and we get unknown answers. Nice, very nice
Track8: "What's His Name" Probably my least favorite song on the CD,
nothing wrong with it, just seems a little polished up more than the
others. This band sounds better to me RAW!
Track 9: "Angel Of Mercy", Nice acoustic beginning, starts a bit tight
then the band seems to start to flow. Again I think this one is also a
bit polished. Good song, I would like to hear these last two tunes live,
I bet they cook. The last 2 tracks just don't see to flow with the
record. They are not bad tunes, they just have a different feel them,
maybe they were cut in a different studio, who knows, but I bet they
kick ass live!
  Overall, I think this is a kick ass CD from a kick ass Southern Rock
band. I hope you guys come close to Macon, GA. one day so I can hear
this live, cause I get the feelin that's where you guys really tear it
  So to sum up, BUY THIS ONE folks at, also the
booking agent, or . Tell
em RedTail Wolf at GRITZ sent ya. If these boys show up near your home
town, go se em! I'm sure you'll walk away with a smile on your face and
a good feelin in your Southern heart.

-Michael "RedTail Wolf" Nystrom

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