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CD Reviews  Tim Carroll Always Tomorrow

Given the talent that
Tim Carroll has displayed throughout his career, it is a mystery to this writer why his name is not a household word.  His style is completely original, his ability on the guitar is superb and his lyrics are simultaneously funny, poignant and insightful.  His latest recording, Always Tomorrow, is the culmination of a man with a lot to say and his own way of saying it.
Tim Carroll began his career as a musician while attending Indiana University.  He joined The Gizmos, a punk band whose minor success brought him to New York.  Tim would eventually form the Blue Chieftains, a popular bar-band that played a mixture of country and rockabilly.  This gig would last for five years.
  Tim eventually found his way to Nashville, where he is known today as a first-rate guitarist, playing in studios and performing with numerous acts.  He has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry no less than thirty times.  His material caught the eye of John Prine and Robbie Fulks, who both used Tim’s music on their own albums.
  But, while his career as a guitarist has sustained him, his two solo recordings,
Not For Sale, and Free Again failed to get off the ground—ground to obscurity by the impersonal gears of the record industry.
Always tomorrow is a difficult album to describe.  It blends all of the styles to which he has mastered and matched to the incredible lyrics that are whimsical, at times cynical, sometimes sorrowful and all delivered with a message that the album’s title reminds us.
  It is at this point of a CD review that I comment on individual tracks, describing them with superlatives or criticism.  I’m not going to attempt that here.  This is some of the most original music that I’ve heard in a long time and I’m humbled that I don’t have the words to describe the sheer quality of this music.  I hope you look into
Tim Carrroll and his music.  Always Tomorrow is wonderful experience and this writer is looking forward to more magic from this talented artist.

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  Pat Benny

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