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CD Reviews  Tim McGraw Tim McGraw and theDancehall Doctors

I asked to review this CD because I don’t think Mr. Pat Benny wouldTim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors have given it a fair treatment.  Mr. Benny has a fine ear for music and, although he sometimes struggles with the English language, he is a stolid crusader for the yet to be discovered musicians he loves to fawn over.  I don’t fault him for this, for I agree that there are lots of people out there that deserve to be heard.  However, Mr. Benny seems to have some kind of phobia when it comes to the contemporary artists who are at the top of their game.  Perhaps this affliction is a result of his community college education, I really don’t know.
  I do know this:
Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors is a bitchin’ CD.  Let’s face it: the cream always rises to the top, and this is as creamy as it comes.  Released on the Curb label, it is a well produced, well packaged with liner notes that not only include the lyrics, but also contains an excellent bio on every member of the band.
  The album has an excellent mix of songs, from the almost Celtic beginning of
Comfort Me, to the despondent tale told on Tickin’ Away. Home is a bluegrass flavored portrait of Home Sweet Home. 
Red Ragtop, is a story of young love written in the Bob Seger, John Mellencamp vein, but sung with McGraw’s trademark style. That’s Why God Made Mexico, is a poignantly light hearted treatment of running away from all your troubles to the paradise of Mexico. Sing Me Home is a song of personal retrospective which begins with a sweet acoustic guitar and melds into a very heavy drum and perfect backup vocals.
  Space prevents me from commenting on every song on the album, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the final cut, Tiny Dancer.  Tim takes this Elton John classic and makes it his own, giving the familiar words a sweet country flavor.
  In closing, let me say that this is an excellent recording.  I would be thrilled to see him perform at any future Super Bowl Halftime which, by the way, Mr. Benny, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing three times.  Hey Benny!  You ain’t lived until you’ve seen Michael Jackson rock the Super Bowl!

Ray SynKane

Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors

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