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CD Reviews  Torie Tyson You're Gonna Get It In The End

  Torie Tyson is the most energized female singer I have ever heard, her music reveals the energy and love that comes out in each and every note from her vocals. Possessing the most awesome set of vocal range levels to be had, my advise to all listeners is to immediately go to Torie's sites and listen to her music that will totally blow you right out of your seats.

  This CD reminded me of Blondie and Pat Benetar, except for one thing! I think Torie has it all over those two. Competition, no problem Torie - you got it made in the shade.

  Torie has a tremendous bunch of musicians behind her, they too are at the top of my list, the lead guitars are Hot with drippin' wet licks, sustaining power that will give you shivers up and down your spine, dynamics that are out this world and oh the feedback is awesome. So pat yourself on the back Mike McLaughlin and PaulTorie Tyson Houston, a job superbly done. And lets not forget the rhythm section that keeps it all together with their in the pocket beats and that belongs to Matt Arroyo (bass) and Jim Guercio (drums). Fantastic Keyboard work furnished by Dave Roman, this guy will grab you with those keys.

  There were no favorite songs of mine on this cd due to every single song is absolutely fantastic and hotter than hot: But the ones that caught me were:
Rock will Never Let You Down - bad to the bone rock.
Rock and Roll of the Dice - really good all around action.
You are My Baby - Hard rock lead guitar licks.
I Really want You - this song has a hard rock groove and dirty lead guitar action. Love it.

To Hear and Purchase Torie Tyson's CD's go to:
Torie Tyson

Muzik Reviewz Jan./2003
M. Rudy

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