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CD Reviews  Travis Tritt Strong Enough

Hey Ya’ll ! Ol’ Skydog
and Sherri here. First off, let us introduce ourselves...Skydog (who’ll be writin’ in straight-up letters) : I’m basically an old 70's Southern rocker who just never really understood the disco and 80's music era and ain’t too sure about the 90's. But, I’m a little encouraged by the last few years. Maybe Southern Rock isn’t’s just been sleepin’ off a good buzz for the last couple of decades ! Some of the “old guys” are making some pretty damn good music these days...and the “youngsters” ain’t bad, either...and that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it !!!
Sherri (who’ll be writin’ in crooked letters) :I’m Sherri, his better and definitely prettier half, a.k.a., wife. I actually like 80's and dance music ! And I’m NOT OPINIONATED...and that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it, too !!!

   Travis TrittOk, now to Brother Travis. His new CD, titled “Strong Enough”, is a perfect example of why Travis has had the staying power over the years, while so many other “flash in the pans” are back home washin’ dishes at the local greasy spoon. He’s got the rowdy, rebel songs, for us good ol’ boys...and the sensitive stuff for the ladies. Watch it, ladies love outlaws, too. Whoa now, I meant that in a good way! Travis wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the CD and it has the sound of a satisfied man. He’s got a cool wife, a good record company, and he ain’t too old to still kick out the jams when the spirit hits him. See what a good woman’ll do for you! But Skydog’s right (for once). Travis writes from his heart on this one !
  Travis kicks this one off with one of his trademark “attitude” songs. “
You Can’t Count Me Out Yet” is his answer to the “where’s ol’ Travis ?” questions. I think he pretty well puts his critics in their places. Yep, ol’ Travis ain’t lost his rebel streak, thank God! He keeps the rebel thing goin’ in the next one, too. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is a little more laid back, but the attitude’s still there.
Strong Enough To Be Your Man”, the title track and single, is up next. Now’s the time Travis shows the other side of him. Another Tritt original, this is a heart-stinger. Hey, Skydog again...this is the sensitive stuff I was talking about. The ladies will love it and the dance floors will fill up in the clubs...but I still like the Travis on the next two. “Country Ain’t Country” ought to be the next theme for Farm-Aid...are you listenin’ Willie ? This is some powerful American music, enough said. “If You’re Gonna Straighten Up” is one of those “been there, done that” I get the feeling this song’s written from personal experience ?
  The next few songs sorta slip into a “love groove”...”
Doesn’t Anyone Hurt Anymore”,”You Really Wouldn’t Want Me That Way”,and “I Don’t Ever Want Her To Feel That Way Again” Hey what’s up with the “that way” thing?? “Time To Get Crazy” get things goin’ again and reminds everybody (and Travis, too) that it’s fine to be nice, but sometimes the devil just makes you do it ! Works both ways, darlin’! This one’s a barn burner. Can’t wait to hear Travis throw down on it live !
Now I’ve Seen It All” and “God Must Be a Woman” are back in the love groove. I was sorta’ hoping for a rowdy woman’s song with “God Must Be A Woman” but it’s actually a really touching song. Man, I figured “God Must Be A Woman” was gonna be a “somebody’s got PMS and I’m in the line of fire” tune when I first read the title. Pretty song, and Travis sings it with conviction, but what would ol’ Duane Allman think? Don’t go too soft on me, boy!
I Can’t Seem To Get Over You” rounds out the show. This one’s written by Travis and Marty Stuart. I hear these two closed down a few clubs in their day ! “I Can’t Seem To Get Over You” seems strangly haunted to me, but it’s got a certain drive to it. They must have been doin’ tequila that night! Be nice, now...this is a beautiful song.
  Well, let’s sum this thing up. “Strong Enough” gets a passin’ grade from ol’ Skydog. I still like him best when he’s jammin’ with the Skynyrd boys or Charlie Daniels, but he truly puts a lot of heart and soul into this CD. When he rocks, he rocks...and when he turns it down, he maintains the credibility.

   I agree wholeheartedly...this CD is done by a happy man. I told you all it takes is a good woman !!

   ‘Til next time...Skydog & Sherri signin’ out.

    Travis Tritt
"Strong Enough"

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