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 CD Reviews Fred Caporale Homecoming 

Getting Blown Away with Fred Caporale
(Literally and Figuratively)

By Kenny Love

In mid-conversation with Jazz recording artist, Fred Caporale, I committed the grave error of referring to him as a trumpet player.  Almost immediately, I was admonished for having penned (or, is it pinned?) that label on him, with a subsequent correction that, because he played flugelhorn, did not he a trumpeter make.

In fact, at the same time, Fred chose to enlighten me by stating that, before he referred to himself as a trumpeter, he preferred the moniker, "muted hornist." Hmm...while seemingly a bit 'high-brow' of a phrase, I also learned that Fred actually hates the trumpet.

This had a dual effect on me because trumpet was my first instrument, and I had always assumed that the flugelhorn was a gravitating brass "add-on," if you will, and much like saxophonists who, generally, start out on alto or tenor, then move up to soprano.

Debating the trumpet vs. flugelhorn theory, inevitably, Chuck Mangione also came up in the conversation, and I was also to learn that he too, allegedly, dislikes the trumpet.

However, having owned and played both instruments, I had never preferred one over the other, yet, felt that each had its own specialty, in terms of creating a desired ambience and an aurally pleasing environment per musical composition within its own respect.

Having said that, the spark of the conversation is Fred's Jazz release titled, "Homecoming."  To say the least, the gentleman's tone alone makes me wish I could revert to 5-hour per day practices once again.

"Homecoming" is a truly beautiful smooth release, not so much Pop/Funk Jazz, but an overall welcomed soft-to-the-touch experience that makes one immediately press Track 1 again after Track 11 has expired.

The 11 selections include:

  1. "Float"
  2. "Will Have Gone"
  3. "Dreams Of You"
  4. "Smooth Sail Home"
  5. "You Won't Survive (Vocal)"
  6. "Mournful Spirit"
  7. "Homecoming" (title track)
  8. "Stepping Forward"
  9. "I Give Up (Vocal)"
10. "Mind and Soul"
11. "You Won't Survive (Instrumental)"

And, although Songstress Melissa Curiale makes a stellar and lasting impression on the vocal version of "You Won't Survive," I am partial to the instrumental version, again, for the ambience that the naked instrumentation creates and presents on its own.

Not yet available in stores, you can readily pick up "Homecoming" online from CD Baby at  As a Jazz connoisseur, trust won't be sorry that you did.

Editor's Note: Kenny Love owns and manages, a music organization providing multiple business and career services for independent
musicians and recording artists.

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