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CD Reviews  Big Engine Shifting Into Overdrive
When it comes to diversity, ingenuity and creativity Big Engine walks away with the award in my book. On their 'Shifting into Overdrive' CD, Big Engine will take you from hard rock & roll to southern rock to country and back again and they can only do this due to their superior songwriting, lyrics, dynamics and expertise of their instruments. 

The stamina and energy they possess on stage is the fullblown reason behind their following. Big Engine works hard and by doing that they NEVER lack for bookings or fans, they play their crowd and they seriously kick the rock & roll can around at any performance. 

Big Engine now days is the headliner, and they should be. If you get an opportunity to see this group of outstanding musicians perform, jump at the chance, this is a don't miss band. Their schedule is posted on their web site. 

And who are these musicians? they are:
Tony Mikus - vocals/guitar
Hans Oellerich - guitar
Banner Thomas - bass
Neal Hale - drums

This 10 song CD is packed with excellent music and here are just a few tunes that caught my attention immediately:
** Jugernaut - rocks you hard and fast with a groovy & powerful beat that gets your engines revvin'.
** I wish I - this is a great song, it takes you back and forth between a smoothe cruisin' ride and before you know it you're on a hard rough ride and back again.
** Flirtin with Disaster - this one takes you for a southern rock ride, outstanding work!!
** TNT - AC/DC's done Tony Mikus style, which sounds so much like AC/DC themselves, you can't tell them apart.
** Pretty Nymphomaniac - you won't believe this one, Country music style, hard to believe coming from hard rockers (which only they can pull off).

To Hear and Purchase Big Engine CD's Visit their website at: http://
(T-shirts coming in near future)

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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