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CD Reviews  Bo-Re-Guard Poindexter Outlaw Man
The 'Outlaw Man' CD will fulfil the inner cravings for that Southern Rock music, Bo-Re-Guard Poindexter knows  their music and feels their music to the core of their being which shows how much love and intensity Bo-Re-Guard Poindexter has for their music.

The songs on this CD are well written/played and felt. The Lead guitar is hot, laced with
licks drippin' wet and a rhythm section that just keeps on doing what they do best, 'keeping the heart beatin' in the songs'...........

I found that Bo-Re-Guard Poindexter has more than one music style on this CD .... although mostly Southern Rock, you will find some bluesy tunes. Here are some rockin kickers:
*** 'Foolish Southern Pride' - this has that good ole southern rocker sound with a kick.
*** 'Backwoods' - in my
opinion this song is a real rockin kicker, with the outstanding vocals that are strong, wide range levels and the sustaining in voice is so strong.
*** 'Rock'n is My Business' - This one is a hot rocker, the further you get into the song the hotter it rocks. The lead guitar is out there strong and just keeps on truckin', and you can feel every lick. I would imagine that on this one the strings had a serious meltdown.
*** 'Granpa's Recipe' - A good bluesy mix here combined with a Southern Rock feel.......lead guitar absolutely magnificent..........A hot mover.

Bo-Re-Guard Poindexter is:
Bob Long - lead vocals/rhythm guitar 
Tojo Herring - lead guitarist
Tim Herring - drums
Jerry Futrell - bass
Blake Scott - keyboards/percussion/acoustic guitar/harmonica
Jerry Futrell & Blake Scott - background vocals 

To Purchase and Hear the 'Outlaw Man' CD visit Bo-Re-Guard Poindexter at MP3:

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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