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CD Reviews  Eve Selis Do You Know Me
Eve Selis vocals on this cd will absolutely blow your mind. She has one of those country blues type voices that go beyond the wide range levels that she possesses.
A voice you can't overlook. She captures the highs and lows with her raspy at times vocals, strength, passion and stamina. Her music is brought to life by highly talented musicians that not only play well, but love what they do.

Eve Selis is a musical force to be reckoned with. ... her dynamic vocal technique a work of beauty...the most heartfelt work of her career...and her stage performance is one of a professional, she owns the stage.

I recommend that you purchase the 'Do You Know Me' CD, here are the outtakes:
** 'Tear This Old House Down' - Sustaining high vocals, excellent instrument playing.
** 'Do You Know Me' - vocals crying out, with the instruments backing up the emotions in the vocals.
** 'In My Dreams' - very good song, giving all of herself to this one as only Eve Selis can do.
** 'Same Train' - Eve rockin out country style.
** 'Broken Things' - she reaches deep within her soul, and sings from the heart which is felt by every other heart.

Eve Selis has those Bonnie Raitt sounds, only with higher ranges. It's easy to see why her band is in such demand and has such a huge following. Theres only one reason, its the great music coming from Eve Selis and her band of musicians. 

The Musicians on Eve Selis 'Do You Know Me' CD are:
Eve Selis - vocals
Marc Intravaia - guitars/vocals
Bob Sale - drums
Rick Nash - bass
Sharon Whyte - keys/accordion
Jim Soldi - guitar

To Purchase 'Eve Selis' CD's and Merchandise visit her website at: http://
To Hear 'Eve Selis' CD's visit her at: 

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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