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CD Reviews  Forrest  On Fire
From the very first track of 'If you Really Don't Love Me', I knew this was going to be one explosive CD. This project is full of super talent, and believe me a talent like this should be shared with the World. They could give a lot of bands who parade their stardom, a real HOT run for their money.

This cd is one packed stick of dyn-o-mite. Pack it with the best blues guitarist around, the fantastic rhythm sections, mix here and there with some of the hottest organ, keyboard and piano players that has me convinced that they could do anything they wanted with the keys and be successful at it., and vocals and background vocals that absolutely chill you to the bone. And lets not forget the fantastic harmonica sounds... 

There are many musicians that contributed to the 'On Fire' CD project and they are:
Forrest McDonald - guitarist on all songs. All instruments on 'I Need You'. Raymond Victor - lead vocalist on all song. Piano on 'If you don't Really Love Me'/Rollin down the River. Diane Dutra - background vocals on 'If you don't Really Love Me/I Need You/Rollin down the River'. Tom Maffie - drums & Mark Fry - bass on '123 Rock/In America/Take me to the Country'. Mr. B - harmonica on 'If you don't Really Love Me/Rollin down the River'. Mike Caroll - drums & Brian Berkoff - keyboards on 'Police Woman'. Bob Zinner - add'l guitar on '123 Rock/In America'. Rob Devore - bass on 'Hook line & Sinker/I'm not the Waiting Kind/Queen of Sheeba'. Randy Newburn - organ on 'In America/Hard to Lose'. Bob Weekend - organ on 'In America/Queen of Sheeba/Take me to the Country'. Mike Allen - drums on 'I'm not the Waiting Kind'. Ron Benner - drums on 'Queen of Sheeba'. Danny Carmichael - drums & Brian Neilson - bass on 'Thats how I Want Our Love/Hard to Lose'. Pat Powers - harmonica on 'I Need You'. Jim Lewis - background vocals on 'Police Woman'. Kimm Hood - background vocals on 'Police Woman/Hook Line & Sinker/In America/I'm not the Waiting Kind'.

On the 'On Fire' CD Forrest plays blues guitar with such stamina and a love for the music that all his blues fans are 110% satisfied and filled with excitement, and also included in that group are experienced guitarists that are left in awe of his playing abilities. Listen to his CD's or even better catch a 'live' show and you will see and hear the hottest guitar action crying out those tug-at-the-heartstring Texas blues to the hard driving rock-blues. Forrest has been critiqued as one of the greatest blues guitarists and the band has been voted "Best Southern Blues Band" by Real Blues Magazine in 1999, 2000 and 2001. In 2001, Forrest himself was voted "Best Southern Blues Guitarist" by the magazine as well.

Every song is a Winner and definitely a Keeper, go buy this cd-you'll be glad you did:

** 'If you don't really Love Me' has that old blues sound with lots of keys, harp and hot sounding guitar work.
** '123 Rock' has the sound of heavy blues with a mix of southern rock.
** 'Hard to Lose' is an bluesy tune that will grab you hard.
** 'Take me to the Country' will give you some country blues sound and love those harps.
** 'Rollin down the River' will give you that blues fix, love that endless guitar, keys, harp, rhythm....

To Purchase 'Forrest McDonald's' CD's visit his website at: http://

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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