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CD Reviews  The Garrison Project The Garrison Project
Once you hear The Garrison Project, you will not be able to turn off the music. It starts off with Garrison Leykam and Betty-Lynn White (TGP Executive Producer), an both exceptional songwriters/song lyricist. Together these two are unbeatable, I guess you could call them the 'dynamic duo' of the music industry. The CD has a wide variety of 'high caliber' musicians that have donated blood, sweat and their wonderful talent to this project. 

The instruments on this CD are outstanding, the lead guitar action puts out licks that just keep on going and going and then sticks in your mind even after the music is gone. The rhythm section you will find every beat, lick and note coming from this CD, being crisp, clear and in the pocket each and every time. They reach down into the souls of their listeners, which is their intent and what they do best. ALL the instruments used on this CD was used by professional talented musicians.

The vocals on this CD in my opinion are the most dynamic set of vocals I have heard in a while. These tunes are belted out and before you realize what is happening the singer will grab your heart and soul with their excellent vocal range at both ends of the spectrum and at times the sultry tones will top the whole song off..

The Garrison Project Musicians are:
Garrison Leykam- acoustic rhythm guitar/vocals: Garrison is an extraordinary performer/musician, his talents are endless. 
Jean Sandoval - lead acoustic/electric guitars/charango: born in Chile, South America. Jean's talents as an guitarist are only evident in the many accomplishments he has achieved in his style of music.My kind of player. 
Chris Gonsalves - drums/percussion/exotics: Chris was taught early on to find the "groove", now its only obvious he has the market on finding that 'groove' cause boy he is an expert at doing it..He has set his own style, professionally knowing when and how to percussion-wise interpret and give that extra boost to any song. He has certainly proven that on this CD.
Tara Engler - vocals: She has capabilities of making you feel what she is putting out in the song and at the same time - raise the hair on the back of your neck. Spectacular!!
Steve Weiner - fender jazz/fretless bass guitars: this bass guitarist is professional sounding in every way. Can't get any better than this. 
Peter Catucci - lead vocals on 'Arms of Rock &Roll', backup vocals. This is a excellent kickin' song, the instruments are right there, the vocals are superb... Peter is also known for his recording engineering, co-producing. 
Sabrina Berger - electric violin on 'Distant Eyes': this artist has an extended bio, The Garrison Project got the best when they brought her in on this CD. Go to Sabrina's website at to check her out.
Carlos Loyola - quena on 'Distant Eyes': his playing this Incan flute on this song is so beautiful, it will make us all think of the hardships we went through when we lost someone we loved. Fantastic job Carlos.

This CD has made it very difficult for me to make my usual list of favorite songs, but I'm going to try anyways - but by all means you need to get the CD and listen for yourself:

** Love's Alright - Sooooo good! Sooo hot.
** Distant Eyes - has that hurt feeling in the vocals, excellent songwriting, this is one of those tunes that catches your heart and holds onto it. What can I say! It's just a beautiful song.
** Arms of Rock & Roll - Excellent vocals of Peter Catucci, instrument sounds - drippin' wet lead axe action. One hot winner.
** Dynomelodic - What a hot tune. Has that Carlos Santana feel, the percussions are so hot, lead guitar is beyond powerful....Watch out Santana, TGP has just taken the lead.
** For You - this song has won an International Songwriting contest. Thats to be expected considering its a Garrison original and the musicians that took part in bringing it to life.....
This is absolutely a grammy winner, the songwriting, the vocals, instruments, dynamics are out of this world.

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Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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