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CD Reviews  Hayward Joe Shadows On The Wall
Hayward Joe is an versitile artist that has something for all listeners. Shadows on the Wall', in my opinion has a variety of music styles such as pop rock, rock, some soft music and how about some hendrix sounds, Joe really knows hendrix.

With Hayward Joe, songwriting, singing and guitar-playing skills are combined with cover-boy looks and balancing of confidence and self-awareness. However, only those who've been fortunate enough to see this dynamic artist on stage have experienced the full picture. 

'Shadow on the Wall' Musicians are:
Joe Ricketts - vocals, lead/acoustic guitars
Larry Harmon - background vocals/bass
Kevin Scott - drums/percussion
Jamie Holmes - organ, strings
(all songs written by Joe Ricketts, except for 'Gold' and 'Rather Be' written by Joe Ricketts and James Johnson) 'Shadow on the Wall' Produced & Engineered by: Dennis Gurley/Alley Trax Studio

My outtakes on a few of our favorite songs:
** Shadows on the Wall - is a very well written and played tune, with a pop rock sound.
** Now you Know - this rocker shows the diversity of styles that this group is more than capable of playing. Sometimes there is a smoothe soft ride and then all of a sudden the ride gets real rough and hard, the vocals are soft at times and raspy at other times, so this song will definitely get your attention.
** Take me by the Hand - this has such a hendrix sound that it will give you chills. The axe action is totally awesome, got to be some Hendrix influence there somewhere!!!!!!

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Hayward Joe also can be heard and purchased on http:// 

CD also available at: http://

CD also available at: http://

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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