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CD Reviews  Jester Jonze No Foolin'
OK, lets get to the heart of Jester Jonze,The rhythm section, they totally rip this cd up, Chuck Crush gets down and dirty with the bass, always in the pocket and out there. And the 'Hot Mr. StikMan' himself, Tim Aker, he absolutely wails the drums on this cd. I am totally amazed at the drum action coming out of No Foolin'..........EXCELLENT EXCELLENT JOB Tim. Chuck Johnson blows one mean harmonica, clear - crisp, and I feel every note he puts out. He certainly has my attention.

This reviewer is honored to be the one to review the Jester Jonze 'Strong Medicine CD', This CD is the latest project of the Jester Jonze Band, not even done with the pressing and I have the privilege of reviewing a group of hot musicians with superior songwriting talents. This CD is definitely a billboard topper.

If you haven't heard the Jester Jonze Band then you need to visit their MP3 site, and check out these new songs and their other tunes too. Strong Medicine is a keeper and a #1 hit anywhere it hits. Unlike most first CDs where the quality, engineering, sound, vocals, instruments aren't quite up to what they should be, Jester Jonze has proven what their capabilities are...The No Foolin' CD is hot and shows the world what they have to offer the world, their fans and definitely what they have to offer a record company.

ATTN: ALL READERS, go to Jester Jonze website at MP3 and listen to 'Bad Times White Lines' - 'Uptown Lady' and 'Boy Toy'. Listen to all the tracks, it will be time well spent for hearing good music.
This CD is full of Kickin' hard drivin' rock, catch that hot and wild harp, the vocals will give you chills, and the rhythm section is a force to be reckoned with. Excellent Material.

To hear and Purchase Jester Jonze: http:// w
Or contact:  Jester Jonze Band for CD purchasing information.

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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