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 Press Release Kenny Love  

                                  Kenny Love Enters Commercial Radio Full-Time
CENTERVILLE, Texas - - June 5, 2003 - - Independent radio promoter and media publicist, Kenny Love, has retired from the promotion and publicity sides of the independent sector of the music industry, and entered commercial radio full-time.
Citing several reasons, Love says, "Not to become philosophical, but I believe everything has its season.  However, most of us either fail to recognize it, or remain
in denial that our season is over.  In my case, what was once new and exciting, had become tedious and challenging.  Fortunately, I was able to not only enjoy a smooth transition and return to a former position I had briefly held a year ago, but I was also made additional offers too good to turn down," Love says.
Love's offers include a triple role at the station as both a salaried and commissioned Sales Manager, as well as combined producer/co-host positions on the new Texas-based KTCJ-FM (Magic 106), a 25,000-watt station broadcasting to over 50 Texas cities with a total population of over one million, as well as streaming LIVE to millions more on the World Wide Web 24 hours per day.
KTCJ-FM General Manager, Reverend Reginald Marshall, Sr. says, "Kenny brings much experience to KTCJ and has a very impressive music background.  As General   Manager, the decision to bring him aboard was very easy."
KTCJ-FM officially powers up the week of June 8 and will air the music genres of Blues, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz and Zydeco, as well as sermons and teachings.
About KTCJ-FM (Magic 106)
KTCJ-FM (Magic 106) is based in Centerville, Texas,  a location considered a perfect air base within the triangle of Houston, Dallas and Austin, just off major U. S. Interstate 45.  Formerly carrying a Country format, the station's new multi-format includes Sermons, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Zydeco and Hip Hop.
It is also the new home to the long-running highly popular "Sunday Night Gospel Show," previously aired for 7 years on a neighboring station, and the one Love previously
produced and co-hosted at KNES-FM.  It is the first of several shows he is slated to produce at the new station.
"The Sunday Night Gospel Show" presents; traditional and contemporary Gospel music, Gospel music news, Bible trivia, listener contests, live on-air Gospel recording artist interviews, Christian humor and more.  It broadcasts each Sunday evening from 6:00 p.m. to midnight.

Editor's Note: Kenny Love owns and manages, a music organization providing multiple business and career services for independent
musicians and recording artists.

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