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CD Reviews  Mighty Sam McClain  One More Bridge To Cross

Blues speaks right to the heart and soul of all listeners. Mighty Sam McClain sings ONLY from the heart and soul directly to yours. What a tremendous feeling!

On 'One More Bridge to Cross' CD, you will find the song 'The Other Man in the Band' (#10 on the cd), this is the most extraordinary blues song I have EVER heard. Mighty Sam's vocals are outstanding, sultry at times. The lead guitar action is totally spectacular, those bluesy notes jump right into your heart, chill you to the bone and touch your soul so deeply that you may even shed a tear or two. I strongly suggest you get this CD...the song 'Are you Ready for Love' (#6 on cd), this baby is a mover, along with Mighty Sam's vocals and that dynamic guitar action, you will hear some of the most outstanding heavy keyboard blues action that is quite capable of groovin' you all night long. A total awesome groovin sound. Then go to 'Thought I Heard your Voice' (#9 on cd), you will hear some good ole blues and the dynamic background vocals of Conchetta Prio will surely put you on the edge of your seat, she has a beautiful and very powerful voice.

The spectacular musicians that back the Mighty Sam McClain on the 'One More Bridge to Cross' CD are:

Chris Tofield - guitar
Dave Smith - bass
Jim Arnold - drums
Barry Seelen - keyboards

And you can't but notice the hot, sultry sounds of the horn section. And this is credited to 'The Mighty Horns':

Pat Herlehy - sax/horns
Mark Paquin - trombone/sax/horn 
Trent Austin - trumpet
Conchetta Prio - background vocals

Being the blues lover that I am, I was totally taken away by this CD, this is superbly engineered. The vocals are exceptional and Mighty Sam has a wide range of levels. And the instruments are in my opinion the absolute BEST, the horns are powerful and oh! how beautiful the sound, the rhythm section is right there and in the pocket, the sound that out of the keyboards will raise the hair on the back of your neck, and the lead guitar action is hot, powerful and strong and will leave you with chills to the bone. The blues is suppose to reach down deep into your soul and when this happens, then that part of the musician/artist has gave you what they felt. This is exactly what the Mighty Sam McClain group has done for all listeners on this CD.

There is no way to pick favorites on this CD, you will need to hear this CD for yourself.

To Purchase CD's and get more information on the Mighty Sam McClain, visit Mighty Sam's website at:

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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