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CD Reviews  One Eyed Jack  Sunlight Blue Madness
One-Eyed Jack has enriched vocal harmonies, duel guitar leads, and driving rhythms that are endless. They definitely are a force to be reckoned with.

The guitars of Joe Boris and Gary Gallagher never tend to get in each others way, but ONLY to compliment each in the most professional way. The keyboards are totally awesome, Jeff Perlman is all over those keys. The rhythm section of Alzie and Adam Riley, is right on-in the pocket, and they couldn't get much more solid. The percussions of Katie Schmidt, are crisp-clear and sweet to the ears. 

With the high caliber of all the musicians that played on the "Sunlight Blue Madness" CD, you can be sure to see this groups booking tourdates in much demand in the very near future and the thought of seeing the One-Eyed Jack to perform live is a sight that I can hardly wait for.

Here is a group of musicians comfortable with each other and it shows in every song/performance. In my opinion, "Sunlight Blue Madness" will be one of those CD's that will make music fans gather around and totally enjoy this groups performances, and then hit the music stores for their copies that they should have boughten at the performance of One Eyed Jack.

The One Eyed Jacks are:
Joe Boris - Guitar/Harmonica/Mandolin/Vocals
Gary Gallagher - Guitar/Vocals
Katie Schmidt - Percussion/Vocals
Adam Riley - Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Alzie - Drums
Jeff Pearlman - Hammond Organ/Vocals

Some of the songs on this CD had slight hard-driving rock tones that you might find on an Allman Brothers tune. I found every song to be a favorite:
** Pride in Your Pain - dynamite songwriting/lyrics/instruments/dynamics.
** Copperhead Well - heavy blues action mixed with some southern rock, hot killer keys and axe action. I found this song to be outstanding in all depts.
** Oklahoma - a country song that shows the versatility that this group has.
** Blue Eyed Willow - a pleasant lil' acoustic song.

To hear One-Eyed Jack CD's visit their website at: http://
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Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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