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CD Reviews  The Regulators The Regulators
'The Regulators' are a Southern Rock Powerhouse band! It's obviously with their music that they want to raise the awareness of Southern Rock to all listeners and the World. Which they are quite capable of doing.

The Regulators can be found playing their music regionally & national touring, radio, benefits, the internet , magazines - you name it their there. So buy 'The Regulators' CD, turn it up loud, and tell a friend!!

The song 'Need For Speed' greets you out on the speedway with the hottest-endless guitar riffs that politely kicks you in the teeth. With killer riffs and energy while playing this non-stop tune its a wonder that it never stops driving into your chest. I can't say enough how spectacularly this tune was written/played/sung. Excellent work guys!!!!!!!!!

This CD is fully packed with strong vocals and delivered with force. This is one kickin' cd that is backed by a great band. The recording quality is excellent. This is evident because I never once had to think about it. 

I recommend that you purchase 'The Regulators' CD, here are some outtakes on the CD:
** 'Let It Ride' - got that cool southern rock sound.
** 'Last Chance' - Excellent superb intro, all instruments cried out, vocals heart grabbing. Clifford Smith kicks the end right out.
** 'Need For Speed' - good title since this hot tune gives you a ride on a fast race track.
** 'Crazy Circles' - this cover song was done like it was one of their originals. 

The Regulators Lineup is:
Clifford Smith - Lead vocals/harmonica
Jimi Hughes - Lead-rhythm-acoustic guitars/keyboards/backup vocals
Johnny Barnes - Lead-rhythm-acoustic-slide guitars/backup vocals
Bobby Bird - Lead-rhythm-acoustic guitars
Randy Smith - Bass/backup vocals 
Mark Aceves - drums/percussion/backup vocals

To Hear The Regulators, check out: 

The Regulators Website at: http:// 

To purchase 'The Regulators Merchandise' visit: http:// regulators1

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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