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CD Reviews  The Regulators Bar and Grill
There is no room on this cd for bad material, bad sound, bad engineering, bad instruments or bad vocals. You will hear nothing but the best from The Regulators and they are definitely the ULTIMATE BEST. It is just a matter of time before the world sees The Regulators up on stage accepting their much deserved 'Grammy Award'.

On any day of the week you will see The Regulators making the news on the 'Entertainment' page of a newspaper and/or music magazine, all over the 'World Wide Web', on a billboard or on some clubs marquee. This is a bunch of musicians that knows what they want and will work as hard as is needed to achieve it, from playing the club circuit to special events to putting out hot cds to their line of Regulator Merchandise to the Excellent promotion they get from Ray Carver/Southbound Records.

The Regulators 'Bar & Grill' CD brings Southern Rock to life where it belongs, with southern rock music very seldom being recognize as the heart of rock and roll The Regulators has definitely done their part and more in keeping it alive. The vocals are sexy, sultry and a vocal range that is endless. The lead guitar action is the most awesome sound I have heard in a long time. Every note-Every lick dripping wet. The rhythm section is right there and in the pocket, can't get much better than this.

The musicians that line up this Rockin #1 act on the 'Bar & Grill' CD are some of the best in the business, and they are: 

Ronnie Farrell - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Gary Jeffries - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Johnny Barnes - Guitar
Johnny Travers - Guitar
Randy Smith - Bass 
Chris Turbis - Piano, Hammond organ
Chuck Radek - drums and percussion
Backup Vocals is credited to Randy Smith and Chris Turbis.

To Hear The Regulators, check out:

The Regulators CD's available at Tower Records http:// 

And also available at: http://

The Regulators Website at: 

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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