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Interviews  Solid Ground  Mary Rudy

Solid Ground Interview
by: Mary Rudy - Muzik Reviewz

Solid Ground band is a powerhouse of outstanding musicians that play a four state area and destined for the World to see and hear. We were pleased when we got the opportunity of interviewing Solid Ground, we see the talent, expertise of the instrument and the love for their music that come from these three spectacular artists. Now that we know Solid Ground better, we are extremely excited to present them to you through this interview.


Mike Gain - Lead Guitar/Vocals 
Josh Sowder - Bass Guitar
Ed Gulli - Drums

MR: First off, I appreciate the chance to interview Solid Ground?
SG: Anytime, we appreciate the opportunity and the time that you are taking to interview us.

MR: Did any members of Solid Ground grow up in a musical family?
SG: Josh: I am the only one in the band that has a history starting with my great grandfather, he played peddle steel guitar then moving on to the bass. Then my father started playing professionally and has continued to the present. Being able to play pretty much any instrument.

MR: Most players follow in the footsteps of their family of musicians, did any of you follow in those footsteps? And can you tell us a little bit about that person?
SG: Josh: It started as early as my great grandfather as I mentioned above, to my father today. So it there isn’t really just one person to tell about. Just that there are 5 generations of men in my family that are dedicated musicians.

MR: A band of your caliber works very hard to get where you are, has all of your hard work been worth it? Any regrets?
SG: Josh: I have no regrets to joining Solid Ground.
Ed: Most definitely NO Regrets.
Mike: The hard work has been worth it and there are no regrets.

MR: Is there anything in your musical lifetime that you would change if you could?
SG: Josh: Other than regretting selling equipment that I had previously there is nothing about my musical career.
Ed: I would have gone on more tours and taken on more musical opportunities when I was with The Obsessed, The Back Alley Gators and The Regulators.
Mike: I would have become more dedicated at a younger age and made more choices towards a music career.

MR: We know that there is a new CD in the works, so when can we expect to see your new CD 'Universe'?
SG: We are hoping that the NEW CD will make its debut in September or November.

MR: Since we are on the subject of CD's, do you write as a band or individually? what inspired the writer(s) of 'Wisemen' and 'Universe'? And give us some insight on the writer(s).
SG: Michael was the main source for lyrics on this CD and then Ed contributing his song Birdseed. 
Mike: My past life experiences is what inspired me to write the songs.
Ed: I just wanted to show the harder side of me and the band

MR: Since Josh has taken over the bass player spot, will this be his first project with Solid Ground? Maybe Josh would like to tell us a little about himself? and how he feels about being with Solid Ground?
SG: This is Josh’s first project with Solid Ground.
Josh: I think it’s great to be able to play with these fine people. I think it’s just fine and dandy.

MR: What is your definition of the Solid Ground's style of music? Do you see playing other genre's in the future?
SG: There isn’t really one genre that we would like to categorize our music in, we think that it fits a lot of different genres. We aren’t another cookie cutter band.

MR: How would each of you describe your instrument playing? Which Artist and/or Band influenced you the most?
SG: Ed, Mike & Josh: All of us agree that our style of instrument playing is all around, there isn’t just one band that has influenced us the most. Again, we don’t want to be categorized as a certain type. We like to collect bits and pieces of inspiration from all types of music that we listen to.

MR: Josh and Ed – Tell us what kind of musician Mike is?
SG: Josh: I would describe Mike as a seasoned musician who has accuracy, dedication and plays in tune, he is quite talented and makes sure his songs are marketable.
Ed: Mike’s hard work and dedication to his music inspires me to do my best as a musician and has a charismatic stage performance.

MR: What are some of Solid Ground fears? Or do you have any fears? 
SG: No we’re fearless, we are happy with who we are and where we are going…..FEAR THIS!!!

MR: Tell us what type of instruments you use, guitars, drums, amps etc.? And why you use that particular instrument? 
Mike: I play a Gibson Les Paul through a crate tube (for that crunchy sound) and a digitech effect peddle.
Ed: I use Ludwig & CB Percussion, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals, I use them because they have a good sound quality that differs from the 6 sets I own.
Josh: Fender Precision plays through Fender bass head & cabinet, They are the BEST, end of story!

MR: What studio do you use? 
SG: Zax Trax in Frederick Maryland.

MR: Is getting a Record contract your top priority?
SG: As far as that goes, that isn’t priority for us. Not saying that if the opportunity arises that we wouldn’t jump at a record contract. But we all feel that it will happen when it happens, there have been all too many bands that have broke up over that, we love to play music to much to play the corporate ball game.

MR: What advice would you give to young musicians?
SG: We all agree that PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and lots of dedication!
Josh: I can’t stress enough to always make sure you play in tune and keep an open mind.
Ed: Play for yourself and the rest will come.

MR: Ed did you think we wouldn't ask you to share? So tell us about yourself?
Ed: I think that we all didn’t answer this question about ourselves because it was hard to describe ourselves really without coming across conceited. And that is one thing that we aren’t!

MR: No, you certainly are not conceited. You are very down to earth and humble. And that is an rarity in the music industry.

MR: What about touring, what is your schedule?
SG: Still in the works but for now we have regular monthly gigs in our four state area from Virginia to Pennsylvania.

MR: You have a band manager that stands behind you and believes in your talents 110%, How has things changed since Snow has been on the scene? 
SG: All together we say “Hell Yeah”, she takes care of what we need her to, so we only have to concentrate on doing what we love to do.

MR: This has been a real memorex moment for me, to interview Solid Ground along with previously reviewing your 'Wisemen' CD. I hope you allow me the privilege of reviewing your new CD 'Universe'..
SG: As a band we thank you for noticing real talent and taking the time to find out more about the band
Ed: thanks to the previously mentioned drum companies.
Josh : I want to thank God for giving me the ability to play.

MR: Would you like to give any Special Thanks and/or words of Gratitude to some Special People?

Solid Ground: As a band we would like to say we would not be doing what we love the most, if it weren’t for all of those who SUPPORT us and their dedication.

We would also like to give SPECIAL THANKS to Lane Patterson from THE CRYSTAL LENZ for the great pictures provided for the interview.

To Purchase CD's, Visit 'Solid Ground' Website http://

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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